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Know the history

For 8 years we have been challenged as a house to continue advancing and conquering. Learn about the history of our campuses here.

Campaña Amor por la Casa

AR Campus Santiago

AR Campus Puente Alto

AR Campus Montevideo


Where it all started

The first great challenge that God had for our Ministry was our Santiago Campus. Now transformed into a meeting place, color and light in the middle of the hectic downtown of the capital of Chile. Find out how it started here.

Then first

In 2016, after a strong crisis as a church. Our Pastor receives from his heart  how our church was going to become the home for many people.

An open house


Puente alto

Where there was nothing

When arriving at the place where our Puente Alto Campus would be, our Pastor invited us to open our spiritual eyes to see what God was going to do with this place.

A great step of faith

Seeing with God’s eyes


A house without borders

The global pandemic of 2020 hit the whole world. But God in his incredible plan shows our house a great opportunity, our first campus outside our country. AR Campus Montevideo, Uruguay.

A dream from the heart of God

The story has begun

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